The Wolfskull Standard

Posted by Charlotte Koch on Sun, Jun 18, 2023

Coming 2024


By the abyss! Swashbuckling adventure, fickle gods and furry tails come together in Charlotte Koch’s debut novel.

Fenicia, the veteran goldenhound piratess, is the most capable paw aboard the infamous Starry Vine. But when the unexpected loss of the Captain thrusts her into becoming Captain herself, she must quickly adjust to her new position while staving off the mutinous calls of Nimbus – a newcomer ram, and the former Captain’s own nephew.

Nimbus’ promises of wealth and glory are hard to ignore. His knowledge of the outside world and his connections to the wealthiest businessbeasts of Port Sokuit could help Starry Vine in their time of greatest need. All Fenicia has to do is abdicate the helm…

Set in Azuaveria, an archipelago situated in the eye of a giant, endless hurricane, The Wolfskull Standard will take you on a voyage through uncharted territory in the realm of anthropomorphic fiction.

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When we go live (2024) then you will be able to purchase The Wolfskull Standard from most major retailers. You will also have the option to buy from Magenta Stripe Media directly. Paperback and ebook will be available. Watch this space.


Long story short, The Wolfskull Standard began as a NaNoWriMo 2022 entry that would provide the backstory for a character I drew once… then it kinda consumed me.

On April 9, 2021, I drew the original picture:

Then I drew another one, with the following caption:

This is the same pirate character I drew last week. Gave her name. Now I kinda want to draw her doing everything.

At one point, I had considered making Fenicia’s story a graphic novel. But this was before I had acquired my “good” drawing tablet (Huion Kamvas 16) and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to commit to such a huge undertaking. Instead, I just focused on nothing but the story.